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NME Props

About Us

Marcus Napuri, The Boss Man, Top Dog, Bigwig, Big Cheese, Head Honcho, Big Kahuna.

Marcus started NME Props in 2011. Costuming and creating costumes has always been a big part of his life especially when having Halloween as a birthday. He is an all around artist with a diverse set of skills such as sculpting, FX painting, mold making, fiberglassing, roto-casting, wood working, metal fabrication, graphic design, photography and videography. "There is nothing imagined that cannot be created" Marcus Anthony Napuri

Robb Yanagihara, Head Production Rep, 3D Designer, Production Assistant

Robb, Is a veteran costumer, costume performer, costume maker and prop maker. He is a member of numerous costume groups and has helped organize and contributed to many charitable events through out the costuming community.

Gene X, Marketing Director, Web Dude

Gene hails from Pasadena, California, with an MFA from Art Center College of Design, and over ten years of online advertising experience.

Ross Arbuckle, Production Consultant

Ross is a seasoned prop builder and has work for numerous FX and Prop Shops working on various big budget Movies. He is also a long time costumer with many skills in prop fabrication. Ross's talents include sculpting, mold making, plastic fabrication, vacforming, fiberglassing, silicone and latex mask making, Leather working, Metal working and playing a mean bass guitar.

Jesse Velasquez, Production Rep, Prop builder

Jesse is the creator of the Mercenary Jet Packs both the Rocket pack and Arena Pack. With an acute eye for detail he scratch built these packs using templates from the The Dented Helmet. Aside from scratch building jet packs Jesse is a veteran costumer Member of the The Dented Helmet and an excellent cannon prop painter.

Luis Norato Zendejas, Lead Production Assistant

Luis is a full time student at PCC with a major in fashion design and is a talented prop production assistant. His skills include mold prep, demolding, visor instillation, and resin casting with a specialty in roto-casting.

Marino Napuri, Production Assistant

Marino is a naturally gifted artist, he specializes in clean up work on finished castings and visor preparation. He is also a costume performer and a gifted MMA fighter. This kid makes M a proud uncle.