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Death Stalker TT Visor

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 NME Props

At NME Props our focus is to make inspiring custom creations with high quality handmade fabrication. We do everything from design to fabrication, mold making, life casts, production runs and more. We pride ourselves in creating quality props, replicas, costume pieces and custom creations. Dream it up and we can build it. Check out our shop for our continuous run props or send us an email for a quote on your custom project.

Please Note

All props are Non-refundable due to: 

  • Handmade

  • Fabrication

  • Shipment

Also all sales and commissions are FINAL. For any inquiries feel free to reach us by email or Facebook.

Unique Original Designs

-Screen Accurate Replicas-

-Artisan Craftsmanship-

-Top Quality Products-