Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Order

Can you expedite my order, so I can get it for an event?

We can definitely expedite orders. This option is available in the cart, right before payment.

How long does it take to get my helmet once I order?

Helmet shipping varies, based on our workload. We typically estimate a 4 to 6 week turn around, as all products are handmade, as well as the amount of cleanup we do to ensure the high quality product we have gained our reputation on. Keep in mind, after a sale or before a holiday, the order count increases.

Can I order and pick it up?

We are based in San Gabriel, CA. If you are in the LA area or willing to travel to our location, we can definitely schedule pick up.

Do my order have a tracking number when it ship out?

Yes, we always add a tracking number to all of our orders. You will also be notified by PayPal.

About Helmets

What size helmet should I order?

Our helmets are made oversized specifically to accommodate padding and electronics; such as fans and lights. Wearers with a height of 5’-8” and shorter, we suggest a size Medium. Wearers with a height of 5’-9” and taller, we suggest a size Large. This is estimated to base the helmet size on proportions. If size is a major concern, keep in mind that Stalker, and Death Stalker are our largest helmets, followed by Assassin and RC, Enforcer, then Mercenary.

Can you ship my helmet to someone else for painting?

We will ship to whatever address you provide. If you have already ordered and would like to change the shipping address, please send us an email and update the shipping address on paypal.

Do you paint helmets?

NME Props doesn’t paint helmets, but we have friends and associates who offer paint services.

Will this helmet fit with my glasses?

While our helmets are oversized for electronics and padding, we cannot guarantee helmets will fit over glasses, due to the various shapes and sizes of glasses frames.

About Sales

When is the next sale?

We are expecting to have sales often, but at this point, we do not have an exact calendar set up. Stay tuned to the website, forums, and facebook page.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Currently, we are NOT selling Gift Card, but there will be a announcement when we do.

About Refund & Shipping

How do I cancel my order and get a refund?

Due to this being a handmade product, we have a strict no refund policy.

Can I get a refund after I completed the check out?

All sales and commissions are FINAL. There is NO REFUND after the check out is completed.

Can I ship to a different address?

Yes, but please notify us or we will ship to the address on PayPal. Also make sure that all your information is updated on PayPal because we are not responsible for lost packages.

What company are you shipping from?

We ship with USPS.

Is there a shipping fee for small parts or accessories?

Yes, there is a small fee that apply to your check out.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship to all locations across the globe. When you add your shipping address, the shipping charge will automatically be populated.